About Us

For almost 20 years, the KRADUL team has been building gear bags for nearly every other major bag brand. They are the creators of many of the innovations and design silhouettes that you’ve come to know and appreciate over the years but always had to pay a premium “big brand markup” (BBM) for. With the recent skyrocketing of the price of quality bags, KRADUL decided to buck that trend and bring their premium design and workmanship straight to the consumers without the BBM. Instead of big brand margins going to support big marketing campaigns, those dollars are re-allocated into the product themselves and the, often shockingly, better prices for our patrons.

Hatched in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company adopted the endangered desert tortoise (Nevada’s state reptile), as its mascot and logo. The desert tortoise has vulnerable extremities that require protection when facing external threats. The tortoise finds protection inside of its remarkably protective shell, comprised of layers of organic tough films and fibers. Furthermore, the desert tortoise has an unusually long lifespan, living as many as 80 years. Comparatively, KRADUL uses layers of films and fibers to construct a protective bag to “cradle” whatever valuables you may be using our bags to protect or transport. KRADUL bags also have an unusually long lifespan due to their luxury materials and elevated construction methods.