KRADUL LUX Stand Bag Review

KRADUL LUX Stand Bag Review

Jul 10, 2024Kradul Team

Zack Buechner, Contributor at Plugged In Golf

The KRADUL LUX stand bag comes from a newer brand but is already impressing golfers with its unique Tortoise logo, premium vegan leather outer shell, intuitive pockets, and high end details.

A relatively new company, KRADUL was formed to create golf bags with premium materials that wouldn’t break the bank. While the company itself is new, the team of designers is not and have been engineering golf bags for well known brands like Ogio for over 20 years. They used their expertise to craft their first line of luxury bags, and we got our hands on one to see how it stacks up.

Right out of the box, first thing I noticed was the premium materials that makeup the outer shell. KRADUL refers to this material as “vegan leather” which by definition is imitation leather but without toxins or harmful chemicals. From a looks standpoint, it’s more consistent and smooth than a typical synthetic leather material. It also has a very high end look to it and could be mistaken for a Vessel or Stitch bag at first glance.

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